"Complete profiles are 40 more times likely to receive opportunities via LinkedIn...

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Whether you are an employee, manager, executive, job seeker, business owner or partner, you are being being assessed based on your LinkedIn profile all the time.

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Apple News reports that more than a third of job hunters are having their applications rejected after employers check their social media profiles. (Though professional in nature, LinkedIn counts as "social media.")

Forbes writer, Rick Smith, states:

The advent of LinkedIn and other social media tools, and the resulting explosion in our capacity to manage and benefit from larger and larger social circles... [means] actively cultivating and curating our online professional relationships is now the investment required to achieve a successful career.

Leverage the power of 450 million LinkedIn members (and growing).

Your profile and use of LinkedIn tells your employer, co-workers, and potential employers, colleagues, business partners or clients about you. You know that. How you portray yourself and how you use LinkedIn can lead others to draw conclusions that may not be accurate.

You can be perceived that you aren't tech-savvy or that you underestimate how your online presence represents you. If you are not on LinkedIn, that says something too. It can suggest you are not keeping up. You DON'T want that.

Don't let advancing technology work against you.

Today, a new breed of platforms have started building end-to-end recruitment management systems for HR that handle everything, including sourcing, interview management, ongoing candidate relationship management and onboarding. These tools were designed to directly connect to LinkedIn... (paraphrased from "9 HR Tech Trends for 2017," by Josh Bersin, HR Magazine, Jan. 25, 2017.)

Yes, LinkedIn is difficult to avoid.

I can help. Once you are clued in, observers won't even give it a second thought that you know what you are doing. That IS what you want.

I have spent thousands of hours using LinkedIn over the years. And LinkedIn changes how they do things constantly, so don't feel bad if you can't find something. I can help you navigate the intricacies and learn how to present yourself powerfully and impressively. You can indeed learn to present your best self.

"Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself. - M Williamson

Potential employers, business partners and clients WILL notice when you know what you're doing. I can help you learn the hidden features, and unwritten "protocol," and use LinkedIn to its fullest benefit, without even needing the premium version.

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