Why curiosity is key to managing conflict


When I train people on coaching skills, one of my favorite discussions is about the value of expressing keen interest in your coachee. To put a finer point on it, a successful communicator expresses a keen interest in the coachee’s thinking. Communication is a two-way blah-blah-blah. Communication is derived from the intention “to commune,” i.e. to […]

Why delivering feedback is a two-way street

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We know it’s important to present feedback so others hear you. You want them to leave the conversation hopeful about going forward with something to act on. It’s also important to not blurt everything out at once. Humans can only take in so much at one time–thus the importance of two-way interaction. Lead your employee […]

Dealing with challenging employees: posts featured on Carnival of HR


Bridget Baggett at Career Innovations recently hosted the weekly Carnival of HR. This event is dedicated to bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community, in this case, on the topic of handling challenging employees. (Keep in mind, no matter what the level, nearly everyone at work is an employee, so take note […]

How to psyche yourself up for difficult conversations

What do you do when you’re really ticked off A client asked me for coaching to help deal with a colleague. The colleague made false accusations, talked about him behind his back and micromanaged. Overall he made him look bad. We talked over several ways to deal with the situation. My client knew some of the options he considered were […]